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First Time Exhibitor | McCormick Place

First Time Exhibitor

The show has been selected, you’re going to a world class facility in a world class location, the booth space is confirmed, the marketing plan is in place…

Now “How do I make sure that the exhibit will be the best that we’ve ever done?????”

The information contained in this web site has been developed to make your exhibiting experience at McCormick Place smooth, easy and cost efficient!

Exhibiting in Chicago

Tell me about the trade unions that work in Chicago.
Tell me about Labor Hour Categories.
Where do I get information about the show?
Where can I find suppliers for the equipment and services that I will need for the show?
How do I reserve a meeting room to use for a reception or private demonstration?
What do I do when I arrive for move-in?

Working With McCormick Place Technology Services Department

What is the McCormick Place Technology Services Department?
What utility services are supplied by McCormick Place?
Who is the McCormick Place Technology Services Department Delivery Team?
What is a Conventional Order?
How do I place an order?
How do I pay for services and labor?
How do I cancel my order?
If I have ordered my utility labor in advance, do I need to do any follow up when I arrive for move-in?
Tell me about telephone/communication services.
Tell me about internet services.
Do you offer complimentary WIFI?
Tell me about the cable TV access service.
Contact List
Are there resources to help me plan my booth?
Are there any other important tips I should be aware of?