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Internet Services | McCormick Place

Internet Services

McCormick Place is pleased to offer Internet and networking services to event organizers and their exhibitors.

The following information outlines the services offered to assist you in choosing the right services for your event. Please call the Technology Services Department at 312-791-6113 and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All Internet prices are flat rates; there is no per minute usage or connection charges by service providers and the rate provides customers with connectivity for the duration of the event.

All services are delivered via CAT5 RJ45 connections over an Ethernet network.

WIFI SERVICES: We have made significant changes and upgrades to our Wi-Fi system. Click HERE for more information.

DEVICE RENTALS: We offer the rental of hubs, switches, and firewalls for the convenience of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Services

ServicesConnection SpeedIP AddressRecommended Users
Associate Class Shared Wired ServiceTypical speeds up to 512 KbpsIncludes 1 DHCP IP addressFor an individual user who wants easy plug and play access to E-mail and light web surfing on one device. This service is not designed to consistently support streaming audio or video.
Executive Class Shared Wired
Typical speeds up to 1 MbpsIncludes 4 DHCP Private IP addresses, up to 6 additional addresses can be purchased.For a user who needs a little more bandwidth and the ability to access the internet over multiple devices with plug and play capability. Executive Class service can be used for light to moderate web surfing.
Executive Class Plus Shared Wired ServiceTypical speeds up to 1 MbpsIncludes 4 routable public IP addresses, up to 6 additional addresses can be purchased.Provides the same speeds and service found in the Executive Class Wired Service but uses routable IP addresses.
Dedicated Wired 1.54 Mbps1.54 Mbps Includes 10 IP addresses. Up to 10 additional addresses can be added.1.54 Mbps
Dedicated Wired 3.0 Mbps3.0 MbpsIncludes 15 IP addresses. Up to 14 additional addresses can be added.3.0 Mbps
Dedicated Wired 6.0 Mbps6.0 MbpsIncludes 20 IP addresses. Up to 9 additional addresses can be added.6.0 Mbps
Dedicated Services Greater than 6.0 MbpsPlease contact Technology Services at (312) 791-6113
or technology@mccormickplace.com.
VIP Wireless ServiceTypical Speeds up to 1.5 MbpsThis service is only available for devices which use 802.11 a or n operating at 5.0 Ghz.
For users who want a fast wireless internet service capable of downloading heavier graphic content. This service is ideal for an iPad or tablet user who is unable to connect to a wired service. Provides access to the McCormick Place Wireless Network within the user’s booth and throughout the facility. For pricing information on multi-user discounts, please contact us.