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Service & Guidelines | McCormick Place

Service & Guidelines

McCormick Place Technology Services Department, Your Utilities Resource, is responsible for the delivery of utility services – telecommunications and internet. From the time you place your order, through your move out, McCormick Place Technology Services Department is here to serve you in a professional, efficient and user-friendly manner.

We can boast of the following:

A Skilled Workforce: All technology utility work is conducted by members of Chicago’s professional exhibition industry work force.

Personal Service – From Beginning to the End: Our team of Service Managers are available to assist with ordering your utility needs. Our Service Managers also staff the Customer Call Center and will work with you prior to your event arriving in our facility. We are pleased to assist you in your preplanning stage. This same team will be visible on the show floor during move-in and move-out. They will also deliver Billing Statements to you once the show has opened and are able to discuss any billing issues prior to leaving the facility.

On Site Technical Assistance: Our Technical Support Staff is available to you as well. This team is available prior to the move-in of your event as well as on show site.

Overall we want to assist you in ordering the services that specifically suit your needs. You can contact the Service Management team at 312-791-6113.

Efficient ordering, focused cost control and streamlined billing all go into making your exhibit experience a successful one!

McCormick Place offers an organized manual for exhibitors to review everything needed to exhibit! We encourage a thorough review of this guide.

Our Internet and Telecommunication Service Ordering Guide and Facility Information is included in the Exhibitor Kits provided to you by your Show Organizer. Our Guide provides information about utilities, order forms for services, facility regulations and fire safety regulations – all in one easy-to-read manual. Please call or email us to obtain copies of the order forms customized specifically for your event or you can order your services online. (Click here to place your order online)

In addition, a listing of general booth tips and money saving ideas can also be found at the front of the Exhibitor Ordering Guide.

Each guide clearly outlines deadline dates and ordering procedures, supporting your planning process.

For information about exhibiting at McCormick Place, the Internet and Telecommunications Ordering Guide is the source!