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Wireless Internet | McCormick Place

Wireless Internet


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available on the exhibit floor during move in and move out. It is no longer available on the exhibit floor or in space(s) used for exhibits during show days, except in permanent Food Pod Areas in Halls A and F, and in 1 Hotspot area per exhibit hall (A-F). The location of this hotspot will be determined on site by the Show Manager.

Wireless Internet
Complimentary Wi-Fi will continue to be offered at all times in public/function space and meeting rooms.

This service is for checking emails or basic websites with minimal graphic content. Access to the Wi-Fi network may be sporadic and cannot be guaranteed as access is based on the volume of users.

For your convenience, we offer two options to upgrade your Wi-Fi quality of service that can be purchased directly from your device. (Rates subject to change without notice)

• Concierge Wireless Service (Speed up to 1.0 mbps): Service in all areas complimentary Wi-Fi is available.
• $9.95 per day
• $35.95 per show (up to 5 days)
• VIP Wireless (Speed up to 1.5 mbps) Service from event move in thru move out in all areas INCLUDING Exhibit Floor.
• $300.00 for first device only. For multi device/user discounts, please contact the Technology Department at (312)791-6113 or email technology@mccormickplace.com

McCormick Place Technology Services is committed to delivering the highest quality internet and networking services in the industry. Experience has shown that wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that utilize the same radio frequency spectrum (such as microwave ovens). It is for this reason that we highly recommend that if you plan to use the Internet to demonstrate or present products that are mission critical to your exhibit – a hard-wired service is the best way to go.

If you need help with selecting the proper Internet Service for your exhibit, please call McCormick Place Technology Services Department at (312)791-6113 and our experienced Service Managers will be happy to assist you or refer to the order form in your Exhibitor’s Services Manual.

REQUIREMENTS To access WIFI service:

Your device/computer must have at least an 802.11b/g WirelessNetwork Interface Card (Integrated, PCMCIA, or USB)

Per our Terms and Conditions listed below, misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself or other exhibitors and can lead to disconnection of your equipment. No refunds will be given.

I accept and understand the limitations and vulnerabilities of the wireless Internet service provided by McCormick Place. I also understand that if I choose to use this service for any reason including, but not limited to, showcasing, product presentation, application demonstration or other mission critical applications, McCormick Place will not be responsible for any interference or disruption of service that may occur.